Easter in Corfu is a special and unique experience! This is one of the best destinations in Greece for this period.

The events of the whole Holy Week attract thousands of visitors to the island every year. Since the years of Venetian rule, Easter has been celebrated by the Orthodox and Catholic Churches.

Easter in Corfu is unique, with the customs starting from the Saturday of Lazarus, with the traditional carols. Throughout Holy Week until the Resurrection there is a special tradition.

Some of the most famous Easter customs in Corfu are:
  • Litany of Saint Spyridon
  • "Fogatses" and "Kolombines"
  • Cassiani Troparion & Music Poetry Night
  • The city traffic lights in purple
  • The Washbasin Ceremony and the knitting of the "carousel"
  • Procession of 33 epitaphs from noon to night
  • The "earthquake", the "First Resurrection",  the litany of Saint Spyridon,  the breaking of the "Botides" and the "Mastella"

The breaking of the "Botides": At 11:00 in the morning, after the signal of the first Resurrection, the city bells ring and the locals throw jugs from their balconies or windows. The balconies and windows are decorated with a red cloth. The breaking of the jugs symbolizes the removal of misfortune, which is why many pick up the broken pieces and take them home for good luck.